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Worth the wait. The wedding of Mr & Mrs Forbes.

It's that time again. I've blinked and somehow we are in February!

The days seem to be getting slightly brighter and I am in full pre-wedding season swing, with my days filled of venue visits, planning meetings and the odd pj/admin day thrown in there.

As I always feel this time of year, I'm full of nostalgia thinking about last years weddings. It goes without saying that 2021 was a little less bumpy than 2020 - but it was also one million times busier and exciting than all of my years in the wedding industry. So, this is (hopefully) the first of many 2021 wedding blog posts, I promise I will try to do better this year and share more with you guys.

What a better place to start than with the wedding of Mr & Mrs Forbes.

Before I dive in, I feel a little background is needed. I first met Fiona on a friends hen do, seeing her again at said friends wedding. Before meeting Fiona, I was told she is the kindest, sweetest soul that does not realise how gorgeous she is.

It's safe to say, within a moments meeting, all of these qualities were proved true and I can't begin to describe how delighted I was when I was asked to photograph her wedding, planned for November 2020.

Fast forward to that fateful March and of course we were all delivered the huge blow that weddings were off the cards.

Like myself, both Fiona and her incredibly lovely fiancé Matthew weren't too concerned about the C word affecting their winter wedding, so ahead we went with meeting to discuss their plans in the Summer when we all thought the world was tilting back to normal.

Then comes October. That strange little lockdown that lasted a few weeks fell slap bang on the wedding day. You'd think this blow would be enough to knock Fiona and Matthew off course, but in true 'Forbes' style, they took the new rules in place in their stride and planned for an intimate wedding celebration on the 27th of December.

Round two was looking so positive until we had the dreaded Christmas announcement locking so many counties in 'Tiers'. For the second time, the wedding was off.

For most couples this would be enough to dampen their excitement, but instead Fiona and Matthew postponed once again, and if I dare say it, went even bigger and better than originally planned.

FINALLY, on the most glorious October day last year, Fiona and Matthew tied the knot and together chose their brand new surname of 'Forbes' - a name new for both of them, signifying the beginning of their new journey.

Fiona and Matthew were surrounded by their very best friends and family that made up their wedding party, including Fiona's twin sister, grooms closest allies and not forgetting TWELVE bridesmaids.

This day bursting with love took place at Syrencot (which if you haven't heard of, you need to go and stalk immediately). A venue filled with character, right on my doorstep which hosted the most wonderful wedding which was well worth the wait.

I could go on and on, but I know you're all here for the photos. So on that note, I'll leave you with a few of my favourites...

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