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Cake Smash Tips & Tricks

Birthdays are such a special time and a huge milestone.

Speaking from experience, the day your baby wakes up on their Birthday can feel like a huge step, which is why I feel so honoured and excited to capture such a special milestone.

I began photographing Cake Smashes almost ten years ago and have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get the very best out of your session - and to explain a little more about what we will get up to.

1. The Clean Part

At the beginning of your session, this is the part where we make time for a traditional portrait session without the Cake. If you have a special birthday outfit, this is the time for it to be worn, before it gets messy!

2. The Messy Part

Once we have captured our portraits, it's time for Cake!

Here, I would recommend a second outfit if the first is very special and not something you'd like to get dirty.

Along with the Cake, there will be a wooden spoon if your little one doesn't like to get messy.

3. Splash Time!

Lastly, we bring out a tiny roll top bath tub for your baby to splash in and it makes for really sweet photographs.

Don't worry about bringing a towel along - I have plenty here, ready for you to use. But if your baby has any favourite bath toys, feel free to bring these along.


  1. As tempting as it is not to organise...before your Cake Smash, plan a messy play date! If a Cake Smash is the first time your baby is experiencing getting messy, you may not be greeted with the smiles you have hoped for.

  2. Keep the Cake Simple Less is more with regard to a Cake Smash. Although dark icing may match your theme, a lighter colour helps to keep the focus in your little one.

  3. Timing is important Choose an available time that works with your babies schedule. After nap time can often work well, but a hangry baby may not be ideal. Think about when works best for you and work around this time.

  4. Does your Baby have any favourite songs? Often, a studio environment can feel a little overwhelming, but playing familiar songs through the available speakers can help familiarise your little one (Baby Shark and Row, Row, Row your boat are often favourites!). Drop me a message and let me know ahead of time and I can prepare a playlist for your session.

  5. Snacks! It may sound silly, booking a cake smash...but come prepared with snacks and water. Water to wash the sugary goodness down. Small snacks that's your baby is familiar with can be placed in the back of the cake, out of view of the camera, to encourage baby to reach for the cake.

  6. Hire a professional. Save yourself the stress (and mess) and put your trust in a professional that takes care of the setup, shooting and editing for you.

It's never too early to book in for a Cake Smash, to secure your booking, a £40 deposit is required, with the remaining balance due the day before your session.

If you are hoping to book for your baby, please do get in touch as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

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