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Lavender Mini Sessions

It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to offer Lavender Field Photo Shoots for the longest time and it seemed as if the stars aligned this year with Wedding Season falling just perfectly to be able to make them happen.

I’ve put together a post with answers to all of the questions I could possibly think of, but if I’ve missed anything, my inbox is always open to chat anything through.

What on earth should I wear?

How you feel in an outfit is the most important thing when it comes to choosing what to wear.

If you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit it will show in your photographs.

That being said, I’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind when deciding on clothes for you and your family.

  • Try to keep to a maximum of three to four colours across all of your outfits. You don’t need to match, but by keeping within the same colour palette, your outfits with complement each other.

  • You can’t go wrong with soft colours - think white, grey, cream, blue and if in doubt, denim is always my go to! If you want to add a pop of colour, bold purple is a winner in the Lavender.

  • You and your family should be the focus, so avoid neon and clashing patterns.

  • On the day of your shoot we will be relying on the weather, this could be beautiful sunshine or slightly chillier. Its best to plan for changing temperatures, this may be adding a jumper/cardigan or just making sure you’re comfortable in the clothes underneath your layers too if you get warm.

We are a Family, how can we prepare for the Photographs

Being a Mum I totally understand Children can be unpredictable so please don’t panic.

In cases where your Children are very little or for if having their photo taken isn’t their favourite thing, we can use this to our advantage and capture lovely natural moments in the Lavender, rather than adding pressure.

Talking to your Children about the Photographs beforehand can really help. Maybe showing them photographs of the location ahead of time could help them feel more familiar on arrival.

Look out for an email prior to your shoot where you will have the opportunity to tell me more about you all as a family and if there is anything you would like me to know ahead of time.

Bee Aware

The Lavender fields are such a breathtaking location but please do be aware, there may be honeybees on the farm.

Honey bees are not aggressive unless they become panicked but please walk through the Lavender carefully

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