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Mr & Mrs Maylen - Planning a Wedding during 'Covid'

2020. Did anyone else kind of see 2020 as a huge milestone when we were in 2019? Not only were we heading into a new year, but a new decade and it really did seem like the year of adventures to so many people.

2020 marked the year of ‘Leanne Street Photography’ turning ten. TEN. Not only does that make me feel really old, but it seemed like everything had finally fallen into place after a decade of hard work.

I had my first wedding abroad in the Summer, a few dream venues were booked in and SO many weddings I feel like I’ve been counting down to for years were coming round quickly.

My year started a little quieter with my first Wedding at the beginning of March, but what a cracker it was – it was chilly but beautiful, in a stunning venue not too far from home. I honestly had no idea that it would also be my last wedding for months and months as just a few weeks later the dreaded ‘C’ word barged in on our exciting year and like an unwelcome guest – just won’t leave.

Here we are in October now (!), with the leaves starting to turn, the winter wardrobe is creeping out and without realising, I’m sitting here reflecting and I’m realising I have learnt so much this year, about an industry that I thought I knew inside out.

I have been lucky enough to photograph two very small, very intimate, personal weddings this year. Both had originally been HUGE wedding days, with all of the usual Pinterest details. Centrepieces and table plans that had been agonised over – hours and hours spent planning the ‘perfect’ wedding, to be told months before that this could not go ahead.

So many couples received this news and decided to postpone (which is totally admirable and brave!), but just two this Summer held on and began a little glimmer of light that I think people are starting to notice…

The two ‘Covid’ weddings I have photographed, I can honestly say have been like no other I have photographed in ten years. Although small and simple, the love in the room was overflowing. Even masks couldn’t hide eyes filled with happy tears.

Stood back photographing both of these ceremonies, it was a little reminder showing the meaning of getting married.

This week I have met two lovely couples that have been hanging on in there and are so excited to move forward with their Wedding Day with 13 of their nearest and dearest sharing their special day with them.

So, if you, like many other couples find yourself in the difficult position of deciding whether to postpone your wedding day, grab a cuppa (or something stronger, I’m not judging!) and have a look at the beautiful wedding of Mr & Mrs Maylen who can proudly say ‘we were married in 2020’.

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