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Should we book a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Hi lovelies! How are you all holding up?

We’ve made it to mid-March and with the warmer weather making a (slow) appearance and the nights getting lighter, it’s starting to feel a lot more positive over at Leanne Street Photography HQ.

My inbox is slowly beginning to fill with lots of you lovely couples moving ahead with getting married this year (woohoo!) as well as lots of new enquiries which is so exciting.

A common question I’m asked during initial conversations is ‘do we need to book an Engagement/Pre-Wedding Shoot’.

Of course you don’t ‘need’ to, and I’m not a hard sell kind of girl, but it is something that I feel is so beneficial to you both.

Hear me out.

80% of you, upon booking, tell me that you’re not totally comfortable in front of the camera. 10% tell me they love having their photos taken, but only when it’s a selfie, and most of the remaining 10% have no idea how they feel about their Wedding Photographs and whether they will feel nervous or relaxed on the day.

Getting together before your Wedding day not only gives us an extra opportunity to meet and spend time together before you’re stuck with me all day – but it’s also a chance to have a little bit of a trial run.

These shoots are really laid back and slow paced. I am looking for all the in-between moments, like those genuine laughs and lovely moments between the two of you. I’ll be there to help put you at ease and reassure you that having your photos taken isn’t ‘that’ bad! You’ll be able to then carry this feeling over to your Wedding Day, leaving you with more time to concentrate on enjoying yourself.

A pre-wedding shoot is also the perfect excuse to just have some gorgeous photographs taken. I work with you to find the perfect location and I hope to capture images you are proud of and will treasure for a lifetime.

So, it only seems fitting to leave you with my most recent ‘Pre-Wedding Shoot’. Introducing the lovely Dean & Kate. You may remember these beauties got Engaged earlier this year after they were finally reunited after lockdown (they live halfway across the world from each other), you can see the secret proposal here.

Dean & Kate have a beautiful elopement planned for this year abroad so I was so touched to be asked to be asked to take their Engagement photos, before they sneak away and have their ceremony.

I was totally spoilt as a Photographer as not only are they both gorgeous, they are so kind, sweet and totally put their trust in me. I’m sure you will agree Kate stole the show when we finally arrived to our final location and was quite happy to run into the sea in her beautiful dress.

I could sit and talk about Dean & Kate for hours, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll leave you with a handful.

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